What Does It Mean to Be a Water and Wastewater Professional?

What Does It Mean to Be a Water and Wastewater Professional?

Published on November 16 , 2016


So, What Does "Water and Wastewater Professionals" Mean?

It’s a term we take very seriously here at Stamie E. Lyttle Company. There are several tenets to the phrase, but we will break it down into three major parts:

  1. Why does water and wastewater matter?
  2. What does it mean to be a water and wastewater company?
  3. What does it mean to be a professional?

 1. Why Does Water and Wastewater Matter?


Water is a truly vital life source. It accounts for our health, our growth, and our very survival on this planet that we call home. Without water, our very existence would impossible. 


Stop and think about water. Nations spend trillions managing it, universities devote departments to it, and entire economies depend on our knowledge of it. As a basic resource for human life, the study of water means everything. Clean, drinkable water limits where we can live, and where we can go. 

Water is the scarcest yet most abundant substance on planet Earth. Although water covers more than 70 percent of the planet, only less than one percent is in the form of fresh, drinkable water. We must take great care of clean water to sustain life as we know it. This leads to the fact that wastewater is inherently important.

Wastewater is the byproduct of clean water. Showers, toilets, sinks, car washes, almost every use of clean water creates wastewater. These uses, however vital they may be to our daily lives, still produce dirty, unusable water. Hence the word, "wastewater." Clean water becomes waste. So what would happen if no body cared about wastewater? We would quickly run of of clean, usable water!


2. What Does It Mean to Be a Water and Wastewater Company?

To be a water and wastewater company means caring. It means caring about water, people, the environment, and fostering the delicate relationship between them. It means caring about your dirty water so you don't have to!

When you flush your toilet or pour water down your drain it does not disappear. It re-enters the water cycles as dirty effluent, or wastewater. This effluent must be carefully treated for it to be utilized as a valued resource once again. A valued resource of clean, drinkable water.

Wastewater has two paths to treatment. One path is a septic system or on-site alternative treatment system on your property. The second path is through a county or city sewer to your local wastewater treatment facility.

Being a wastewater company means knowing every in and out of both avenues of wastewater treatment. Septic and sewer back ups, slow moving drains, standing ground water, and foul odors are just a few signs you have a problem. Luckily we can help! 

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3. What Does It Mean to Be a Professional?


 Being a professional means perfecting a skill until extreme competence is the only standard. Here at Stamie E. Lyttle Company, we have been refining our skills since 1947, lending to our credentials as the industry leader. 

Our motto is, "Design, Build, Maintain." From start to finish, we have experts with the skills to tackle any job, anywhere, of any magnitude. From the most complex septic installs to a clogged drain, we have all the tools to handle your water and wastewater needs. 

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