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3 Septic System Myths: Debunked

1. Never Dispose of Food in The Garbage Disposal

This is a common saying for owners of a septic system. However, people commonly mistake the saying “don’t flush your dinner down the kitchen sink,” with “Don’t use your garbage disposal at all.”

Your septic tank can handle small bits of food from normal use of a garbage disposal.
The septic tank's ecosystem and bacteria break down small bits of food.

Where you can get into real problems is by substituting your garbage disposal for a garbage can.

One thing you DO want to avoid, is grease in your sink. Grease has the potential to solidify in your pipes before it even makes it to your septic system. Grease is a duel threat; a plumbing and septic enemy.

If Grease does make it to your septic system, it will float on top of the water and eventually make its way to the drainfield and clog the soil. This could result in drainfield failure; a extremely costly problem.


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