VOWRA 2011 Conference Recap

VOWRA 2011 Conference Recap

Published on October 05 , 2011

The Lyttle Companies were able to attend the Monday and Tuesday sessions of the 2011 VOWRA Conference at the Koger Center in Midlothian, VA.

Monday was the "education day" where sessions where held on trench safety, contour digging for drainfields, online reporting/RME systems, electrical panel training, contract law, and installer math. We benefited from each session. Some of our people have decades of experience under their belts so a lot of the sessions were a review. After the session, good discussions were held about the continued application of the topics presented. Our only complaint is that  some of the presenters seemed to be inappropriately assigned to each topic. Whether this was due to a lack of vendor sponsors in a particular area or simply an organizational oversight, we hope to see an improvement at next year's conference.

The second day was primarily concerned with regulatory and environmental issues. Presentations were given by representatives of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, Virginia Department of Health, and Environmental Protection Agency.

We were proud to have the conference in our backyard and enjoyed playing host to many different companies from around the Commonwealth and beyond. Next year, we hope to see even more people involved with this conference. All in all, Kudos to VOWRA for a job well done!

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