Water as a Renewable Resource

Water as a Renewable Resource

Published on September 21 , 2011

We have decided to use this blog to post news and ideas for sustainable water and wastewater practices. For years, new technologies have enhanced and replaced old "Roman" models of water infrastructure. A public consciousness about the efficient use of natural resources, i.e. water, has brought renewable resources to the forefront of public infrastructure debate and investment.

It is our belief that using natural resources effectively is the responsibility of all levels of society, from the individual homeowner to the multinational corporation. Increased debate and discussion about the use of natural resources will eventually lead to the investment in sustainable ideas.

As a business, we hope to be a part of this growth in investment. As a member of society at large, we hope to benefit from the positive effects of innovative sustainable ideas. Finally, good ideas should be shared. We expect to post several ideas weekly, so check back often and share what you find on facebook, twitter, etc.

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