Three To-Do's: Freezing Pipes and Freezing Temperatures

Three To-Do's: Freezing Pipes and Freezing Temperatures

Published on January 06 , 2017

Three Tips to Protect Your Home and Keep Your Pipes Safe and Warm!




1. Get Outdoor Faucet InsulatorsScreen Shot 2017-01-06 at 1.26.11 PM.png 

  • Your outdoor faucets are extremely vulnerable to cold temperatures and are a potential freezing hazard. Make sure to shut off your outdoor faucets off from the indoor shut off valve. 


  • Get outdoor faucet frost covers such as the item pictured. They sell for as little as $1.98 and can save you the potential huge cost of repairing frozen pipes. 





2. Get Crawl Space Vent Cover Insulators 

  • Your crawl space is not heated yet it houses un-insulated pipes spanning the length of your home. Protect those pipes from freezing temperatures by preventing cold air from getting in. 
  • Crawl space vent covers keep warm air in and cold air out! 

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 1.41.16 PM.png


3. Keep Your Garage Door Shut 

  • Most garages are not heated. Avoid opening your garage doors for more than the minimal time you need access. An open garage door lets cold air into your home which reaches pipes running through your garage walls and ceiling. Besides keeping your pipes warm it will keep your house warm and heating costs down.    









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