Wipes: The Number One Cause of Sewer Backups

Wipes: The Number One Cause of Sewer Backups

Published on November 03 , 2016


If there were one true villain of a septic system, it would be "flushable" paper products; Specifically, disposable wipes. While these products are great for their intended uses, the disposal of them is anything but great for your septic system! 

When In Doubt, Throw Them Out!Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 4.22.53 PM.png

 Whether you’re on sewer or septic, wipes flushed down the toilet can turn into major headache. Any imperfection in the pipe, as well as normal bends and turns in pipes, can snag wipes and cause a major clog.

Unlike toilet paper that is designed to biodegrade, wipes more durable nature is the contributing factor to the problems they cause. When toilet paper hits a snag in a pipe, it biodegrades and resolves the problem itself. When a wipe hits a snag, it collects other passing wipes and toilet paper until it becomes a major clog. This major clog can back up in your home and cost you big bucks.



Toilet Paper Dissolves, Wipes Don't!


Clogged pipes aren’t the only negative consequences of wipes inability to biodegrade. When wipes enter your septic system, they cause damage there too.

Wipes will disrupt the process of biodegradation. Interrupted degradation can lead to an overabundance of solids within the tank. This can lead to blockages that can cause sewage overflow into your home, yard, or near by streams and drainage areas.



Prevent Problems. 

 If you ever experience any of the following signs that could indicate a backup, call Stamie E. Lyttle Co. ! 

  • Slow moving drains 
  • Water backing up into shower or sink
  • Standing or pooling water in yard
  • Foul odors
  • Overly healthy yard
  • Toilet flushing slowly

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Wipes Are Causing Problems Worldwide.

Disposable wipes, baby and adult versions alike, have become the bane of residential and municipal sewer systems around the world. Just because you do not have a septic system does not mean you are in the clear. 

 From New York, to Sydney, to London, self-proclaimed "flushable" wipes have been wreaking havoc in pipes, pumps, and sewer machinery in almost every major city around the world.  Flushable wipes do not break down, but instead clump together. This results in massive clogs, which require extremely expensive fixes.

Washington D.C., which handles sewage from 1.8 million people, was recently forced to spend $1 million dollars to install grinders to handle wipes and deal with the problem. Other cities suffering the same wipe nuisance are resorting to legal avenues. New York City is working on a bill with city council that would require companies to clearly label products in regards to what is deemed flushable. This bills comes after estimates that the city will spend upwards of ten million dollars to process wipes.

Don't Become a Problem, Prevent One! 

Wipes are not flushable, period! If you want to keep you pipes in check and your septic system running smoothly, throw away wipes do not flush them. 







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